Why Should You Use Automated Testing?

Every software development company tests its programs, yet it will always bear some flaws. Experts try their best to eliminate them before its deployment but they always find a way in. Using the test automation software is the best practice to raise the effectiveness, coverage, and efficiency of your software testing.

Manual testing is done by a human using a computer by carefully examining the application screens, trying all possible combinations, comparing the output to the expected and recording the observation at the same time. These tests are prone to repeat often in the cycles for source code changes and other cases.

Once you create an automated test, they can be easily repeated and can perform tasks which are impossible to conduct with manual testing. It has been found that automated software testing is an important component of successful software development projects.

Importance of Automated Software

  1. It saves time and money

These tests are subjected to be repeated during the development cycles in order to guarantee quality. Every time source code is altered, software tests should be subjected to repeat. For every deployment, it is tested on all the supported operating systems and hardware configurations. Manual testing is expensive and time-consuming. Once it is done, automated tested can be repeated as many times with zero additional costs and are faster than the manual tests. They can eliminate the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours. Time saved is tantamount to costs saved.

  1. Increases your test coverage significantly

This Codeless API test automation can help in increasing the depth and scope of the tests to improve the quality of the software. Elongated tests are prevented during the manual testing are prone to run unattended. They can even be operated on multiple computers with various configurations. Automated software can have a sneak peek inside of an application, and have a look at its memory contents, file contents, data tables, internal program states etc. to ascertain if the product is acting according to the expected behaviour. It can easily execute a plethora of different complex test cases during each test run offering coverage that is rendered impossible with manual tests.

  1. It improves accuracy

Even the most intelligent tester will err during the boring manual testing. Automated testing operates on the same steps in a precise manner every time they are executed and doesn’t even forget to keep a track of the detailed results. This gives more time to the testers to create new automated software tests and manage the complex side of it.